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Protect your home and family from potentially dangerous intruders! We provide free home alarm systems estimates in Chicago IL.

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Superior security equipment, superior installations in Chicago, IL. Picture perfect home monitoring system installations! We take pride in providing a first class customer experience, each and every time.

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Whether you need wireless home alarm systems work done immediately or simply looking to get an alarm system for home consultation, Chicago Home Protection Pros has you covered!

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If you just searched "cheap home security systems near me" then look no further.

Chicago Home Protection Pros provides the best home security monitoring and we're nearby right now!

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Superior security equipment, superior installations in Chicago IL. Picture perfect alarm systems for home installations! We take pride in providing a first class customer experience, each and every time.

Call Chicago Home Protection Pros for a consultation today: (773) 918-2390

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Chicago Security System Supplier

Chicago Home Protection Pros isn't scaring you when our experts give you home burglary statistics. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Justice releases reports related to residential and commercial property burglaries every year.

One scary figure you should remember: home theft occurs every 15 seconds. Leaving your home's security to chance shouldn't be part of your action plan. When it comes to securing your home from burglars, prevention is key.

3 Must-Have Home Security Features of any Home

When planning your home security system, make sure you include the following features. Note that you can utilize these things even with a limited budget (and just invest over time for additional security cameras or alarms).  

1) Home security alarms (also known as burglar alarms)

It may seem old school, but home alarm systems can still shoo away intruders near (or inside) your property. Many policemen believe that these alarms are the reason why 90% of home invasions end up as discouraged robbery attempts.  

And contrary to popular belief, these home alarm systems are now within reach, budget-wise. Homeowners can even choose

2) Residential Property Marking  

Residential marking is simply "marking" all your valuables with an identifying "signature." When it comes to real estate, marking means placing a signage, window stickers, house number, postcode, and so on. Police even recommend marking high-value items like antiques.

The advanced forensic markings today are even only visible under Ultraviolet (UV) light. How cool is that?   Markings are used so that police could identify stolen goods, which in turn, make it harder for thieves to sell even in the black market.

3) Home security cameras

Nanny webcams, as they were called, were the first cost-effective versions of a home security camera. This type of home security electronic camera sends out images to a base station for seeing by means of cell television, computer or phone. Today, the types of home security cameras are endless. You can choose from a wired or cordless camera, real or dummy, outdoor or indoor, or any combination thereof.

Using a house security electronic camera offers homeowners with peace of mind that their loved ones, family members, pets, and personal effects are always kept safe at all times. Cost and ease of installation make setting up a home security camera something practically anybody can do.

Why use a home security electronic camera? Using a home security cam lets house owners understand exactly what's going on in their house, on their home or in a setting including loved ones, family pets or home. Keeping an eye on the actions of caretakers and service individuals, ensuring teens are where they're supposed to be and making certain essential personal belongings aren't troubled are a few of the reasons to set up a home security cam.

Install a Home Security System Now, or Regret it Later

If you believe criminal activity can just take place to the other people's homes, you are wrong. There is no guarantee that the "other guy" in this scenario won't be YOU.

When shopping around for a home security system provider, consider these questions:

1) How long has the company been running?
2) Is the monitoring station running 24 hours in a day?
3) Is support available 24/7?
4) How well-backed-up are the company's tracking centers' power supply?
5) What kinds of training has the crew went through? What equipment does the facility have?

Not only will home security firms handle simple to complex installations for you, they will also handle monitoring 24/7 and reporting of intruders to appropriate authorities in case of security emergency situations.

Depending on how many cameras and how advanced the alarm system you wish to get, home security systems can be as low-priced as a couple of hundreds, to whopping thousands of dollars for super-complicated setups. Monitoring will have a month-to-month charge as well.

Ready to prep your home in defense of intruders? Chicago Home Protection Pros assist Chicago residents and the surrounding areas of IL with simple to complex home security installations, including:  

  • security camera systems
  • best alarm systems for home
  • the best home security system for any budget

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